Deze VrijMiBo doen we niet meer

Het is weekend. Echt wel! Geef me een kop, vul hem met sterk. Je weet ik ga kruipen (je weet). Zeg me what's up, ik geef geen fuck. Iedereen kan het krijgen (iedereen). Ik weet nog dat ik depressed was. Helemaal niemand kwam kijken (niemand). Nu ben ik back je weet ik ga blijven, je weet ik ga blijven. Scrap de EP goeie dingen de album is af en je wacht er op (Goeie Dingen). Hier is een barkie, you hatin' ass bitch schrijf er maar een klacht er op. Afscheid van mams voor de zoveelste keer ze is weg naar Turkije (Gone). Ik ben back op mijn bullshit (bullshit). Dat voor de mijne, dit is voor jullie (jullie). Fans, fam en mijn squad (squad). Sway heeft de answers niet, ("You ain't got the answers Sway!") dus ik vraag het aan God (God!). Funning met murder in alle clubs en alle top of de charts (de charts). Giel niet op play dus Hilversum showing your Turk some love (Giel Beelen). Terug met een classic you bastards. Schrijf maar een cheque Imma cash it. Imma cash out. Ik smoke en ik drink tot ik pass out. We focken een bitch met haar ass out. Klim op die ass en I black out. Noah’s Ark de Trap House. Goeie Dingen de mob and I crack out. And I’m gone. Prettig weekend. En be nice.

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'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' gets character names: Meet Finn, BB-8 and the gang

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' gets character names: Meet Finn, BB-8 and the gang


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Finding Temples — ShootTokyo

One thing I love about living in Japan is finding temples to explore. There are some really amazing temples in Tokyo.   After living here a while you find yourself going back and fourth to the same temples over and over again.  One of my favorite temples to explore is

Cancer Stricken Kids Given Superhero ‘Superformula’ Chemo To ‘Regenerate Powers’

A brilliant marketing campaign in Brazil has made chemotherapy — an arduous prospect even for adults — into “superformula” for superheroes in need of regenerating their powers, in a move that will hopefully spread to other children’s treatment facilities worldwide. The superhero superformula story has been huge in geek realms, and it’s easy to see […]

Too Much Air in Potato Chip Packets? Students Make a Boat to Prove It

Ever get that feeling when you open a packet of potato chips that you've mostly paid for air? A group of South Korean college students have, and to prove their point, on Sunday they used a raft made of unopened potato chip packets to traverse Seoul's main river.

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Revealed: 100 safety breaches at UK labs handling potentially deadly diseases

Blunders led to live anthrax being posted from one lab and holes being found in isolation suits at a facility handling Ebola-infected animals

Planet Reboot: Fighting Climate Change With Geoengineering

Scientists hope to wield the Earth itself as a weapon against global warming.

Psychology: A simple trick to improve your memory

Want to enhance your memory for facts? Tom Stafford explains a counterintuitive method for retaining information.

Absurd Creature of the Week: This Is an Actual Insect. This Is Not a Joke

Let’s just admit it: We all have body issues to some degree. I, for instance, was informed a few years back by a drunk lady in a bar that I am in fact slightly bow-legged, which was the first I’d heard of it. The revelation was enormous, and still remains a source of some anxiety […]