VrijMiBo Vocabulaire van het Ventje

Het is weekend. Bouwen. Hallo. Okee. Doei. Papa. Mama. Oma. Opa. Baby. Pip. Beestje. Fiets. Eten. Hap. Dikkie Dik. Poetsen. Douchen. Bad. Bed. Buik. Apie. Koe. Boe. Poes. Miauw. Paard. Eendje. Auto. Vagwagah. Bus. Blauw. Kleien. Boek. Bumba. Kijken. Huilen. Stoel. Hek. Boom. Appel. Nice. Koekie. Wagen. Trap. Bank. Tatu. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Bal. Doelpunt. Aan. Uit. Open. Dicht. Isa. Boven. Nee. Ja. Helpen. Mee. Aankleden. Pink. Duim. Toet. Tang. Hamer. Boem. Woef. Pakken. Kwak. Maan. Buiten. Prettig weekend. En be nice.

Narcocorrido - A Team Win Film


The drug ballad of a gravely ill border cop's reckless cartel heist, sung by a desperate soul destroyed in her wake. AWARDS AND FESTIVALS 39th Annual Student…

gusto robusto


Nothing Works Better Than an Insurance.

This Filmmaker Interviewed a Bunch of People Who Are Convinced They're Jesus Christ


In the documentary "Looking for Jesus (2012—....)," artist Katarzyna Kozyra speaks with men exhibiting symptoms of Jerusalem Syndrome.

31 Mockumentaries You Need To See Before You Die


<b>Just because they're not real documentaries doesn't mean you won't learn anything.</b>



Director : Victor Jardel Music : Senbeï - Rain See more of my works on my website : https://victorjardel.com This is my third animated music video. I've…



the struggle of an ant residing in a skatepark skateboarding: dennis gläser direction and vfx: roman kaelin / florian wittmann cinematography: jan bormann producer:…



Obsessed with his legacy, Wolfgang tries to build one last thing before he dies. ****************** A film by James Kwan (www.james-kwan.com, www.jamesgoesexploring.tumblr.com) Sound…

Wake No More


What if you could sleep 50 hours yet never feel awake? Welcome to the bizarre, distressing, totally exhausting world of the hypersomniac.

404 Error | Discover Magazine


Discover satisfies everyday curiosity with relevant and approachable science news, feature articles, photos and more.

Not your average technician


Nature - Research relies on unsung heroes working behind the scenes — and some of them have rather unusual jobs.

This Is What Measles Actually Looks Like


<b>Dozens have been infected in a recent measles outbreak that started at Disneyland.</b> Here's what you need to know about this disease.

Laser-etched metal 'bounces' water


By etching grooves into metal with a high-powered laser, physicists create a surface that repels water to the extent that droplets bounce away.

A Little Bot of Galactic Possibility


The hugeness of the Andromeda Galaxy, one tweet at a time

This spider combs its tiny silk threads to make them extra sticky


A spider that knows how to build up electrostatic charges

Sodium's explosive secrets revealed


Nature - The spectacular reaction of alkali metals with water was poorly understood — despite being a staple of chemistry classes.

National Geographic - 404


Explore National Geographic. A world leader in geography, cartography and exploration.

Alex Garland’s Ex Machina: can a film about an attractive robot be feminist science fiction?


In Ex Machina, Alex Garland – writer of The Beach and 28 Days Later – suggests that the brave new dawn of artificial intelligence will not kill off our crappy old gender dynamics. Helen Lewis meets him.

FactChecking Science-based Claims - FactCheck.org


Today we introduce a new feature and welcome a new staff writer to FactCheck.org.



Chambray’s sophomore record is set to launch in mid-February via Jimmy Edgar’s Ultramajic outpost. Work That, the Berlin-based producer’s follow-up to the Rub EP, stays true to the label’s signature s

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds


Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds


Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds


Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio