Comments en tieten, lalalala, VrijMiBo!

Het is weekend. Vanaf nu doen we gewoon de leukste comments van de VrijMiBo van vorige week. Ik lees dit nooit, klik alleen de linkjes! Proost! CopyCat | 13-11-15 | 16:33. Het lichtspel op de tepels vorige week was fantastisch. Skol! Piet Karbiet | 13-11-15 | 16:48. So many links. So little time. ikmaar | 13-11-15 | 17:26. Vraagje: hebben jullie speciaal iemand in dienst die de hele week op zoek gaat naar links en beeld voor de VrijMiBo? Mag ik dan bij deze solliciteren voor de vrouw-vriendelijke (hetero vrouw vriendelijke) versie? | 13-11-15 | 17:34. Antwoord: dat doen we zelf. Dat laatste, zie verderop. Yes, finally Vogon poetry. In this case +42 Repelsteel | 13-11-15 | 18:08. Why y y y? Altijd de vrijmibo en alles gericht op de mannen denk aan de vrouwen die ook geenstijl lezen wij willen ok wat lekkers en leuks met ons nieuws !! Wat sexy mannen in de vrijmibo !!! elida84
| 13-11-15 | 20:56. Antwoord: okee, jij je zin. Prettig weekend. En be nice.

The Long and Glorious History of Cat Ladies

I recently got a lesson in how one becomes a "cat lady." All my family members were out of town, and I was alone with four cats. It wasn’t my idea to have four cats, but I was the one taking care of them, which I had time for as everyone else was gone. Lucky for me, it was a temporary situation. It’s a small leap from being called a "cat lady" to "crazy cat lady," especially from people who don’t care that much for cats. But where did this stereotype come from? Cats have been domesticat...

Fallout 4: The Kotaku Review

In the late 20th century, people hoped that the new millennium would usher in an age of promise: hoverboards, flying cars, personal robots, and the like. That future, the one that everyone predicted, never quite came to pass. Not in the way we thought it would, anyway.

What's The Biggest Car-Related Movie Blunder?

Those hipsters out in Hollywood aren’t all car nuts, so they tend to get their car knowledge all screwed up every now and again. Last week, I was watching a flick on the ol’ internet and saw that, in the middle of a scene, the car the main character was driving changed completely.

Toenails stashed in Harvard basement could hold clues about cancer

Scientists dig into a repository of old toenails, snippets of hair, and other samples to study dozens of diseases, including ovarian cancer.

<i>Colubraria reticulata</i>

Vampires have undergone a lot of image change over the centuries and they are a common part of many culture's mythology. But vampires are al...

After a Mass Extinction, Only the Small Survive (Published 2015)

A study of fossils from before and after a mass extinction 359 million years ago found that animals that flourished after the event were smaller on average.

BBC Earth | Home

Welcome to BBC Earth, a place to explore the natural world through awe-inspiring documentaries, podcasts, stories and more.

17 of the Best Internet Reactions to the Original iPhone

“Touch-screen buttons? BAD idea. This thing will never work.”

Short Edition: A Short Story Vending Machine that Prints Free Stories On-Demand — Colossal

Need to kill a few minutes while waiting for a bus or train? Instead of mindlessly staring at your phone or twiddling your thumbs, why not print out a quick short story. A small start-up in Grenoble, France aims to do just that with the Short Edition vending machine. The machines were conceived by Short Edition co-founder Christophe Sibieude who was standing in front of a traditional candy vending machine and questioned if there might be a better way to pass the time other than snacking. More


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Deadspin | The 26 Weirdest Adult Swim Shows Ever

Deadspin | The 26 Weirdest Adult Swim Shows Ever