VrijMiBo zonder broekje

Het is weekend. De vrijdag geeft zich bloot.For me, the naked and the nude(By lexicographers construedAs synonyms that should expressThe same deficiency of dressOr shelter) stand as wide apartAs love from lies, or truth from art.Lovers without reproach will gazeOn bodies naked and ablaze;The Hippocratic eye will seeIn nakedness, anatomy;And naked shines the Goddess whenShe mounts her lion among men.The nude are bold, the nude are slyTo hold each treasonable eye.While draping by a showman's trickTheir dishabille in rhetoric,They grin a mock-religious grinOf scorn at those of naked skin.The naked, therefore, who competeAgainst the nude may know defeat;Yet when they both together treadThe briary pastures of the dead,By Gorgons with long whips pursued,How naked go the sometimes nude!Prettig weekend. And be nice.