De VrijMiBo Staat Altijd Op 1

Het is weekend. Dus het is bijna tijd voor die twee dagen in de talkshowoorlog dat ze niet schieten. 

The age demanded that we sing
And cut away our tongue. 
The age demanded that we flow
And hammered in the bung. 
The age demanded that we dance
And jammed us into iron pants. 
And in the end the age was handed
The sort of shit that it demanded.
Prettig weekend. En be nice.

A woke Wallis Simpson

Why is Meghan ditching her duchess role? Because she wants to be the global Queen of Woke.

Astronomers Find Wandering Massive Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies

Studies with the VLA indicate that roughly half of the massive black holes in dwarf galaxies are not in the centers of those galaxies. This gives astronomers new insights into the conditions in which similar black holes formed and grew in the early history of the Universe.

De kortste klank van het Nederlands

Als een groot geleerde overlijdt, laat hij of zij altijd een onvoltooid werk achter. Dat kan niet anders, want nog nooit is er een onderwerp geweest dat in alle opzichten voldoende onderzocht is. H…

Noise: How to Overcome the High, Hidden Cost of Inconsistent Decision Making

Organizations expect to see consistency in the decisions of their employees, but humans are unreliable. Judgments can vary a great deal from one individual to the next, even when people are in the same role and supposedly following the same guidelines. And irrelevant factors, such as mood and the weather, can change one person’s decisions from occasion to occasion. This chance variability of decisions is called noise, and it is surprisingly costly to companies, which are usually completely unaware of it. Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman, a professor of psychology at Princeton, and Andrew M. Rosenfield, Linnea Gandhi, and Tom Blaser of TGG Group explain how organizations can perform a noise audit by having members of a professional unit evaluate a common set of cases. The degree to which their assessments vary provides the measure of noise. If the problem is severe, firms can pursue a number of remedies. The most radical is to replace human judgment with algorithms. Unlike people, algorithms always return the same output for any given input, and research shows that their predictions and decisions are often more accurate than those made by experts. Although algorithms may seem daunting to construct, the authors describe how to build them with input data on a small number of cases and some simple commonsense rules. But if applying formulas is politically or operationally infeasible, companies can still set up procedures and practices that will guide employees to make more-consistent decisions.

Mijn hete nachten met Anja Meulenbelt in Gaza - HP/De Tijd

Arthur van Amerongen las het boek Vijftig Jaar Palestina Komitee van Kees Broer en moest denken aan Anja Meulenbelt en Gretta Duisenberg.

Young stars have been found in an old part of our galaxy

A newly discovered star cluster in the Milky Way’s halo seems to have been deposited there by gas torn off of two satellite galaxies.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson | 9780062641540 | Boeken |

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (Paperback). StrongDit is de Engelstalige versiebr r In this generation-defining self-help guide, a superstar...

Why we need the BBC more than ever

My family emotionally blackmailed me into getting a dog about a year ago, a disastrous decision that has increased stress levels in the house by, I estimate, 5-15%. Probably the only thing that’s prevented me from going totally insane on the frequent time-consuming and pointless walks with this idiotic animal is the sound of Melvyn [...]Read More...