De VrijMiBo is wat hij is

Het is weekend. Het nieuwe normaal.
The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it. Nazruddin, who had sold me the shop cheap, didn't think I would have it easy when I took over. The country, like others in Africa, had had its troubles after independence. The town in the interior, at the bend in the river, had almost ceased to exist; and Nazruddin said I would have to start from the beginning.
Prettig weekend. En be nice.

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TravelMore XXL Picknick Kleed - Waterdicht - Plaid 200 x 200 cm. Dit comfortabele XXL picknickkleed van TravelMore is ideaal voor ieder buitenmens! Neem...

Pollen-deprived bumblebees may speed up plant blooming by biting leaves

In a pollen shortage, some bees nick holes in tomato leaves that accelerate flowering, and pollen production, by weeks.

Dikke mensen eten altijd en ieder pondje gaat door het mondje - HP/De Tijd

Arthur van Amerongen over dikke mensen met een voorbeeldfunctie, fatshaming en het Mediterrane-dieet: “Je mag alles gebruiken: rood vlees, kilo’s mierzoet gebak, sloten olijfolie, liters port, crack, snuifcoke, twee pakjes sigaretten per dag en altijd een neutje...

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Stunning images of swirling gas and dust may show a planet forming

Infrared images show a spiral of gas and dust around a star 520 light-years away. A smaller, tantalizing twist hints at where a planet is coalescing.

The World Is What It Is, Patrick French | 9780330440097 | Boeken

The World Is What It Is (Paperback). The first major biography of V.S. Naipaul, the controversial and enigmatic Nobel laureate: a stunning writer whose...

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This Summer’s Holiday Destination Are Our Streets

The Vakantiestraat (Vacation Street) initiative promotes the streets in our neighbourhood as this summer’s holiday destination.

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The Pint-Size Nation off the English Coast

The absurd and remarkable story of Sealand, a “micronation” on an eerie metal platform, tells us plenty about libertarianism, national sovereignty, and the lawlessness of the ocean.