Pak je VrijMiBo

Het is weekend. Er kan nog van alles gebeuren.
You love the roses - so do I. I wish 
The sky would rain down roses, as they rain 
From off the shaken bush. Why will it not? 
Then all the valley would be pink and white 
And soft to tread on. They would fall as light 
As feathers, smelling sweet; and it would be 
Like sleeping and like waking, all at once!
Prettig weekend. En be nice.

Jaap van Zweden laat zich niet beteugelen

Dat is Jaap, Peter van Ingens biografie van dirigent Jaap van Zweden, vervlakt hem van omfloerst beschreven ruwe bolster tot iets te gladgestreken blanke pit.

De Kolossos van Rhodos - Mainzer Beobachter

De aan de zonnegod Helios gewijde Kolossos van Rhodos was een oorlogsmonument en gold als een van de zeven wereldwonderen.

Bonapartist Democracy, Self-Government, and Burnham

There are two persistent narratives about the source of the recurring collapses of liberal democracies. The first narrative, popular on the left (and which I associate with Karl Polanyi), argues that markets are inherently fragile and that proper functioning markets are very disruptive of traditional forms of life and destroy previously existing organic culture. These facts generate reactions that have the (conflicting) aims to shore up and protect the market and protect society to slow down the rate of social change. In some cases these reactions work in the same direction by

Herfst – Rainer Maria Rilke

Nieuwe vertaling van Herbst – Herfst – Rainer Maria Rilke