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Het is weekend. Hier is het elke dag vrouwendag.
On ne naît pas femme: on le devient. Aucun destin biologique, psychique, économique ne définit la figure que revêt au sein de la société la femelle humaine; c'est l'ensemble de la civilisation qui élabore ce produit intermédiaire entre le mâle et le castrat qu'on qualifie de féminin.
Prettig weekend. En be nice.

Geri Halliwell can never be wrong

Watching the current scandal around Christian Horner play out, I didn’t feel any of the glee I usually do when tabloids dissect the private lives of well-known people. (To be fair, I had zero sympathy for myself when the Daily Mail did it to me, twice – if you dish it out, you’d better be able to

Voorwoord, De onsterfelijke Pa Pinkelman, Godfried Bomans - DBNL

Op deze pagina lees je de tekst 'De onsterfelijke Pa Pinkelman' van Godfried Bomans

ANDREW LIDDLE: My cancer diagnosis at 35 is life-threatening but it has also been life-affirming

While I always said I would give my left arm to see the defeat of Scottish nationalism, I never meant it literally.